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UPDATE: We are now living high in the Austrian Alps. High enough to almost give you a nose bleed.  This place is more beautiful than we expected & we are having a true Austrian Alps Winter Experience.

Our apartment is in 1 of 3 buildings on a working dairy farm.  The owners are just lovely people and we are really excited to spend winter here.  Heir Holzmann takes the milk down to the village at 10am every day on the back of his tracker.  They work so hard during the day and night, sometimes in freezing conditions, but life goes on, the village needs their milk no matter what the weather.

The farm is actually 4kms from the village road and our driveway/road links about 10 farms to the village.  The village road is 500m above sea level and our farm is 920m above sea level, so it takes 4km to climb 400m from the village.  Doesn’t seem that much but when you check out our video’s below you’ll get a good understanding of just what life is going to be like for us over the next 3 months.

Yes – we actually ended up getting Wher’dmadaygo up in this snow, thank goodness Mr Holzmann had snow chains to fit it and he did the driving.  We were so scared at the time we totally forgot to get pics, he did a super job, didn’t break a sweat and Wher’dmadaygo is now sitting the winter out with one of the best views in the world.

motorhome with a view

We where a little worried on the first night when we arrived and wondered if we had bit of more than we could chew, but we are now so use it and really enjoying it the drive – day has that WOW factor.

Here is some video we took yesterday of the journey down to the village road on our way to do some skiing.


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