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G'day! We're Rose & Paul.....Nice to meet you!

We are two lighthearted Aussies originally from Adelaide in South Australia.  We are currently living in ‘The Top End’ of Australia, in the Northern Territory in a place called Darwin. Have you heard of the movie Crocodile Dundee?  Well, that’s where we live now and that alone comes with its own adventures.


One of the first things people as us is ‘Why the 731 Report?’  So we’ll address that straight up, but we kinda have to take you the long way around to answer that otherwise it won’t make sense.


We had a DREAM…


In early 2010, we where all set to build our dream home.  We’d been together for 13 years and had been working towards this for about 12 and a half of those years.  Finally – our dream was becoming a reality.


We had the land, albeit with an old house still on it, the design was certified and we were just waiting on some final quotes from our preferred builders.  GREAT – let’s go on a holiday!  Little where we to know that a family trip to Noosa in Queensland to see Rose’s retired parents and celebrate milestone wedding anniversary would change EVERYTHING!


We are normally known as a couple with a practical vision and the drive to achieve our personal and financial goals and for the first time in our lives, during that visit, we experienced deep-seated panic and had no idea what we were going to do with our lives.  The problem being you see is that we fell IN LOVE with Queensland and just didn’t want to jump on that plane back to Adelaide.  If you have ever been there, you’ll understand how easy this is to do!


The sleepless nights began before we even got home.  What we were going to do?  Spend all our money building “the dream house” we’d been working towards our entire relationship, in the town we were born and bred in?  versus throwing that whole idea away and buying a beautiful established waterfront home in sunny Queensland?  “I can feel the fish biting already,” Paul said….and just like that, in less than 24hrs, the decision was made!  We are moving to Queensland!


But we had so many questions, so many ‘what ifs’, so many decisions and as we all know as humans these sorts of moments lead to many sleepless nights!
Do we build the house and then sell?
Do we sell the property as is?
Do we subdivide and build and then sell?


After many months of sleepless nights, doing the sums, working out the holding cost’s, considering possible budget blowouts, researching current market value for all 3 options, we decided to subdivide and sell as vacant blocks.  We also put house we were living in on the market and sold it within 2 months and quickly started to fulfil our NEW dream of moving to Noosa in Queensland.


So how exactly did we end up with this blog???


With a change on the horizon, internet surfing is inevitable and Google soon becomes your best friend or foe.  You see, with one dream behind you and another one in front of you, the mind is quite open to new opportunities and hair brain search behaviour which “can” mean that ones new DREAM changes with a stroke of a key.


For some reason, we starting Googling overseas working holidays, ancestral visas, UK work permits and citizens of EU countries.  Rose’s heritage is Scottish through her grandfather and Paul’s heritage is Maltese through his father.  We quickly discovered that Rose wasn’t applicable for an ancestral visa and was too old for a working visa….#bugger!  So, we switched to Paul’s bloodline to see if we could apply for a visa through his fathers decent as he was born in Malta and Malta joined the EU in 2004.


Well, Malta doesn’t issue ancestral visas however, we did discover that you acquired Maltese citizenship at birth if you were born outside Malta after 21 September 1964, and before 1 August 1989, and if when you were born, your father was a citizen of Malta by birth, as he was born in Malta before immigrating to Australia.  WHAT!!!  SAY WHAT!!!  Does that mean Paul is a Maltese Citizen?  and we didn’t even know it???  In case you are wondering its called “Acquisition of Maltese Citizenship by BIRTH”.


On https://identitymalta.com/acquisition-of-maltese-citizenship-by-birth/ we also saw “Acquisition of Maltese citizenship by REGISTRATION”  and quickly researched what that meant.  Well, according to this website, as long as I had been married for at least 5 years and, on the date of the application, you are still married too and living with that citizen of Malta then I could apply for Maltese citizenship.  WHAT!!! insert “eyes popping out of head emoji”  WHAT!????!!!


We quickly confirmed our findings with the Maltese Consulate in Australia.  Asked all the questions in various different ways, sent all our questions also via email to get a reply in writing just to ensure we weren’t misunderstanding anything.  YES!  Paul was a Maltese Citizen (therefore Citizen of an EU member state).  YES!  I could become a Maltese Citizen (therefore Citizen of an EU member state).  We could live, work, move freely anywhere throughout the EU territories?  YES, YES, YES!!  As you can imagine, all necessary paperwork was submitted within days.  And with that finding, our DREAM now became EUROPE!!!


So back to The 731 Report!  Why The 731 Report??  Here are the most common questions we are asked:


Do you “check in” at 7.31 each day and report on what you’ve been up too?   no way……that’s a little too much commitment for us and we’re really not that interesting.


Is it a special or personal number that means something or some special mathematical thing?   ahh defiantly not…..but if I say yes, will it make us seem intelligent?


Do you have 731 friends? no…unless we have a secret fan club we don’t know about….but while we are on that subject we would love you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Do you intend to meet 731 people?  oh that would be wonderful, and I hope we get to meet many more than that!


The reason then?   The name actually came from a late work colleague of Rose’s.  At the time of our departure from Australia in early 2011, we initially intended on being away for 2 years.  So each year has 365 days x 2 + 1 extra day for the leap year = 731 days.  Simple as that!  Nothing more, Nothing less.  Our European trip ended up being 906 days, so as you can see we are not very good at maths.


We’ve thought about changing the name a couple of times, to make it sound a bit more like a travel blog and we even got a professional opinion from a brand specialist and they suggested we change it.  But we really like it, its very us, it holds very fond memories of the reason “WHY” we did what we did and “WHY” we are where we are today.


Rest in Peace Nina, may your memory live on in our blog…..


We hope you all enjoy reading our stories.


BONUS PIC:  We love this image, which was taken in a photo booth at a friends birthday party, it pretty much captures who we really are in four little images.


And now the WHO

If you’d like to know more about the sensible side of us, just click on our images below to be taken to our Bio’s

Hi. I'm Rose

Hi. I'm Rose

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Hi. I'm Paul

Hi. I'm Paul

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