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Summer has been ripped away from us like a band-aid once again.  Our month spent in Thailand went way too quick and we were having too much fun to be bothered to update the blog, so this is a post-Thailand update.

There a few things that I really miss about my previous employment;  1) Being paid an income. 2) flying as a staff member.   For the first time in nearly 10 years I had to fly as a normal commercial passenger& realized how horrible it is.  I really miss being able to go on standby for any flight with any airline and hated being stuck to a schedule for just 1 airline.  I also realize that I don’t miss flying!  When we first embarked on this road journey I was wondering how I would go driving around Europe in a camper and not stepping foot an aircraft for nearly 2 years.  I thought I would really miss it.  Long haul travel was (in fact for both of us) quite the norm for our jobs but from the moment we checked–in at Munich airport I just wanted it all to be over with and hated not having control of our own journey and destiny.

The sole purpose for this trip

The sole purpose for this trip was to attend Nicky & Tony’s wedding in Krabi and being that is was a wedding in the family meant it was an opportunity to see them all after 2 years away from home.  The wedding was amazing…..so beautiful & they are such an awesome couple!  I’ve always been pretty biased and thought that our wedding was the best but I’d have to say Nicky and Tony’s wedding takes the cake.  The location was just stunning, set above Krabi bay with beautiful views and a spectacular sunset that gave it such an stunning atmosphere.  They had everything from fire-dancers, lanterns, fireworks, DJ, open bar and not a dry eye in the house when it was time for speeches and Tony did a special presentation for Nicky.

We hired our own Tuk-Tuk as transport for the 4 of us (Paul’s folks + us) and the locals thought that was pretty funny.  It’s not often they see a Farang driving a locals Tuk-Tuk’s as it’s actually really hard to handle and keep stable. Thumbs up everywhere we went and on a few occasions traffic was held up in both directions as they wanted to talk Paul and ask where he was from and how he was going with it.

In true Rose & Paul style most of our time was spent in our togs on a beach& in the water.  Have to admit we were not that impressed with Krabi beaches & don’t think we would go back.  To access the good beaches you had to take a boat out into the bay & go to one of the islands or to the remote beaches that can’t be accessed by road which was a bit of a pain.  They were a nice setting but the water wasn’t really that clear, not a huge amount of fish, dead coral so it just didn’t seem worth the effort to us.  We couldn’t help it but we kept comparing it to Greece & the Med.  Nothing compares to wild camping on a deserted beach in Greece, with crystal clear water & fish abundant.  This is one of the little experiences we wish we could share with friends& family just once.

When then took a speedboat to Phuket to meet Daniel & Ingrid (Rose’s bro & sis-in-law)  & spend a wonderful week with them.  It was so great to see them and spend time with them, we always have a blast and really didn’t want to say goodbye when the time came.  We love you guys and miss you a bucket load already.

Phuket was wonderful

Phuket was wonderful and there is so much more to Phuket than we ever imagined.  We virtually explored the whole island, every beach, every cove and found the most beautiful out of the way places to stay and eat in, it was wonderful.  The water was so much clearer& calmer than Krabi.

Previously when I thought about Phuket I only ever knew it for the Patong& Karon areas.  The commercialized, touristy hot spots with an OK beach, lots of big posh resorts, go-go bars, ping-pong shows, lady boys & drunk yobbo’s.  Not that there is anything wrong with that!  In fact I’ve always loved Phuket and stayed in some lovely spots but I’d just never really adventured to far from this area, maybe 1 beach north or 1 beach south and didn’t realize how big the Island was and how much it had to offer.  There are so many amazing bays& beaches in Phuket that I had never heard off and we have fallen in love with the place!  We’ve been trying to work out how we can live there! Yeah right – Dream on sista!

We stayed in some very basic beach bungalows on a beautiful little private bay at the southernmost part of Phuket, called AoSane beach.  Came complete with wooden plank for bed, mozzies, cold shower& rock’n happy hour.  What more could one ask for???  Paul also caught his biggest fish ever within 20mins of being in the water.  Paul wants to live in Phuket just so he can go spear-fishing for the rest of his life. We have heard that during the rainy season the water is not so flat and clear, so I suppose we did go at the best possible time.  We are looking forward to checking out the rest of Thailand one day around Koh Lak, Koh Thao & Koh Samaui – I hear the waters are even better around these places.

It was pretty hard saying goodbye to everyone when the time came, but we hope it’s not too long before we see you all again.

We are now back on the farm in Austria.  It’s funny but as soon as we arrived back on the farm we instantly felt at home.  The Holzmann-Spiegl family have made us feel so welcome during our stay here that I think it will be another sad goodbye when we leave for good in a few weeks.

Austria has also turned it on again for us.  Lots of fresh stuff when we arrived and it kept snowing for 4 days.  The sunshine is out now though, temps are above zero and everything is melting pretty quickly, so we better get out there and enjoy it while we can.

Wher’d summa go???  We love you long time Thailand.

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