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As the title indicates we are in New York City.  We kinda thought that because we were in the neighbourhood, London being only a short 7hrs away, why not jump over to NYC for a few days!  We’ll be here for 10 days to be exact and then jumping on the QM2 for 7-night cruise back to London.

NYC is cool with a capital “C”.   We love the big apple!  It ’s like stepping into your TV set.  The people, the places, the streets, the lights….definitely on the list as a place to come back too.

We’ve hired bicycles for a few days and been all over Manhattan, Brooklyn & Harlem.   Riding a bike is an awesome way to check out NYC, in fact, we think its the best way to see the place. There are dedicated bike lanes all over the city and it’s just so easy and safe.  We’ve seen more in 2 days than most people probably see in their whole trip, the bikes just make it that much easier to get around.  When we came back we will hire them for a week and if you’re considering coming to NYC we suggest you get a bike within the first few days.

Today we rode from Central Park, all the way down Broadway till we got to Central Hall, inappropriately groped the Wall Street Bull, but I wasn’t the only one – just quietly, then crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, all the way through downtown Brooklyn, along the waterway and through Brooklyn Heights, which is an awesome suburb and if I lived in NYC I’d wanna live there, then back over the bridge, through Lower East Village, all along East Park Waterway and back to our hotel which is near Grand Central.  We did all of that in 7hrs, no sore feet (or bum) and could have kept going.


I put our names down to go into a David Letterman Show, got the call to say we won seats to a taping and were subsequently advised we had to be there by 4 pm sharp.  After our big bike ride, we arrived a little late around 4.05pm and they gave our tickets away.  I  asked to be put on the list for the next taping, but because we were considered a ‘no show’ we are now banned from joining the audience for 6 months.  David Letterman sucks anyway!!

We found this really cool true American diner, not the touristy tat type, a proper ridgy didge diner.  It’s called Scotty’s Diner, it’s on 336 Lexington Avenue and open 24 hours.  You walk in, point to where you’d like to sit, the guy behind the bar will nod yes and then bring some water and ask what you want to drink.  It’s like being a sitcom, the accent, the way he moves around the diner, delivers your food, yells out the order to the cook, the food – everything just ads to the atmosphere.   We didn’t see one other tourist come in while we were there…..unless they where American tourists and we couldn’t tell them apart of locals. It was just around the corner of our Hotel, The Seton Hotel, which was located at 144 East 40th Street so we ended up eating there a few mornings and 3 or 4 times for dinner.

the731report.travelblog.scottys diner new york

You cant come to New York City, without trying to get in a game at Yankee Stadium and to our delight, the Yankees were playing Boston Red Socks so couldn’t ask for 2 more iconic teams to watch.  When we ordered our tickets online through StubHub we choose ‘The Bleachers’ which looked like seats on the side corner and would probably offer good for viewing.  When we arrived, we were immediately immersed into the world of the ‘Section 203 Bleacher Creatures’.  They are a group of Yankees who have bee coming since they where kids and their parents before them as kids,  they have had the same seats over the generations and seen each other’s kids grow up, head off to college, get married and then have kids of their own.  It was such a great experience and feel so lucky to have been welcomed into their little world for just a few hours.

the731report.travelblog.newyork bleacher creatures

We’ve also discovered Blue Moon Beer.  It’s a Belgium style blonde beer made in New York served over an orange slice.  So refreshing after the crazy temps of 34+c in NYC at the moment.  When we where on Staten Island the other day popped into the local store to get a refreshing cold drink and then wait for the bus to take us back to the harbour and decided to crack it while waiting for the bus.  A local came over to us and said “you know it illegal to drink in public here and that’s the police station right behind you?”  we looked around to see indeed there is a Police Station right behind us and quickly put our drinks away.  Apparently, we can be locked up for such shenanigans and we shook the guy’s hand and thanked him for letting us know.  We then had a lovely chat to him about where we were from, about life, New York City, September 11 – he had a little giggle to himself when leaving us and laughed that only Australians would sit in front of a police station and drink beer without a care in the world.

the731report.travelblog.staten island ferry

We downloaded the Alicia Key’s and Jay-Z song and have been listening to it every day whilst in New York.

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Hear it for New York, New York, New York

I scored this amazing deal on Vacations To Go website for a Transatlantic Cruise on the QM2 in a balcony suite for the incredible price of USD700 per person.  Its the same path that the Titanic took but I’m sure we’ll have a much better outcome than them.  WISH US LUCK!!!

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