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I’ve always wondered what people are ‘banging on about’ with London. From what they say London is cold, dreary, grey, wet, miserable, dark, depressing and hectic! So why do people love it (and hate it) so much? and why don’t they just leave?

I now understand why! Ah alas London, you have stolen our heart also! Yes – it’s been cold, dreary, grey, wet, miserable, dark, depressing and hectic, but it is so unlike home – it’s wonderful!

The houses are so pretty…

The houses are so pretty & look like something out of a storybook. Space is such an issue that they are all 3 story row/terrace style houses and each floor will have it’s own 2 or 3 bed flat and most are converted to maximize rent return.  We commandeered Nicky & Tony’s lounge room (Paul’s cousin’s) for the first 10days until we eventually found our own place to rent in Wimbledon. It was harder than we thought it would be to find our own place (or room) to rent for 3 months as most people don’t want a short-let or couples. We could have rented a serviced apartment at around GBP3000 a month whereas doing a private room in a house-share or 2bed flat is only GBP650….so its a massive saving to find a houseshare.

We finally found a great place and couple in Wimbledon.  Michelle & Andy are the owners and only starting living in London a few months ago.  They normally live in Southampton and commute to London to work every day, but to save on the commute they bought a flat in Wimbledon to use during the week and go back to Southampton every weekend to be with family and friends.  We virtually get the place to ourselves as they are off working or in Southampton, which has been awesome and we couldn’t have asked for a better situation.  We’ve broken out the BBQ a few times on the rooftop deck and have been able to really relax and get into a bit of a groove.  We haven’t done much touristy stuff yet and our time has been spent mainly just jumping on a local bus that goes past and seeing where it takes us.

The weather is warming up, by London standards that is, but it still only gets up to 17 or so.

Have we mentioned the wind?  That bloody wind is so bloody cold and it goes straight through you!  We’ve been walking around in our big jackets & all the locals (as in everyone else) is in little thin cardy’s or just T-shirts as they try to soak up as much sun as possible…..bbrrrrrr and bbbrrrrr. I’m sure they think WE look ridiculous in our big fluffy hooded coat’s, but really I just don’t understand how they don’t feel the wind! Tony keeps saying to us that our standards on summer will drop, but I don’t know about that!

I went for a big 8km run last Sunday with Tony & their flatmate Mel around the local area, past Fulham soccer stadium, over the Thames & around Parson’s Green. It is just so pretty & I can totally understand why people fall in love with London. There are just so many nice places to explore and hang out.

Sunday was Tony’s 34th birthday (sshhh – don’t tell anyone) so we enjoyed the day along the River Thames and in and around Richmond. After a long lazy German lunch at Stein’s (you’d be impressed Ingo) we went up Richmond Hill to Roebuck Pub, drank jugs of Pimm’s and watched the sunset over the River Thames.   It’s one of the best Sunday arvo session’s I have ever had.

London is good…

London is really good!  Paul and I are really enjoying it and can see why people find it hard to lave and fall in love with it. There are just so many things to see, do and to keep you busy.

Paul’s back has been playing up a bit these past few days and giving him a fair bit of grief so we are going to take it easy for a week or so just to make sure it doesn’t flare up again.  I’ve googled ‘sports injury massage’ and ‘treatment for lower back injuries’ and now find myself practising on Paul.  He’s not complaining so far and seems to be finding some relief. We also found some exercises that should strengthen the area and will keep doing them, along with the message for the next few weeks.  If there so no or little improvement then we will seek some medical advice. But for now, the one day we have done the treatment (at home) it has made a difference and he is feeling better.

Now – anyone for a PIMMS???

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