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We’ve been here just over a month and have managed to work our way from the North West Coast at Igoumenitsa, where we landed on the boat and are now in Monemvasia on the 3rd leg of the Peloponnese.  We think we’ll be here for another 6 weeks, but it depends on the weather and how we intend to travel to Austria for skiing.  (either by boat or overland). Once we get to Athens we’ll make up our mind as to what we want to do and how much further we want to go towards Turkey.

Greece is such a great country

Greece is such a great country, so laid back, the locals are so friendly and welcoming and the scenery and food, just top it all off.  I don’t know how we are ever going to leave and we could def live here.  Greece is our fav country so far and it’s great to feel so excited and inspired by a country after being on the road for nearly 18months. If you have never been to Greece, then you should def make sure it’s on your list.

We have met so many wonderful people and a few that are now friends whom we intend to see again in the future.  So many people have come up to us, knocked on the door and just wanted to know where we are from, what we think of Greece and where we are going.  They are so interested in meeting people and making new friends that it certainly makes up for the months of silence we had when in France.

We’ve spoken to many people and feel really sorry for them during this financial crisis they are having.  So many are genuinely concerned about their future and they just don’t understand how it got so bad.  So many are out of jobs and can’t afford to keep their kids in school or take them to the Dr….it’s really sad and is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I really feel for the lower-mid income earners as they are feeling it the hardest and we only hope that tourism can help to some extent.

Most of our days are in the water, swimming and fishing, trying to find internet of some sort, or get reception on our dongle……and talking to the locals.  Not many Brits come here, which has it’s pro’s and con’s but there are heaps of Austrians (probably more than there is in Austria right now).  Most of them have been coming for 10+ yrs to Greece and realize how hard the Greeks have it and are excellent supporters to the locals taverna’s and bars.

Monemvasia is beautiful

Monemvasia is beautiful, its the Mont St Michel (France) of Greece.  My (Rose’s) fav region so far is Mani (2nd arm of Peloponnese) but we haven’t seen much of this area just so will report back on that later.

We where lucky enough to stumble on a beach camping spot in Kalo Nero about 2hrs south of Patras which was in full turtle hatching season.  The beach had around 840 nest’s which where in prime hatching season when we arrived.  We had no idea until the following morning we saw the volunteers counting the little pitta-patta marks on the sand.  That night 40 babies had hatched and made it to the sea.  The next time they return to that beach will be 25-30 years later when the females come back to lay their eggs.  It’s unreal that we where allowed to park so close, but it’s a local public beach and “life goes on as normal” they said.

The water temp and clarity is just awesome here in Greece and we are still getting temps of up to 30c in the water.  Paul spends about 2-3hrs in the water snorkeling a day and I go in for the token dip, laze on the floating mattress and cool off when ever required.  I normally wait till Paul reports that something huge (like a turtle or big fish) or amazing is in the water before I done the mask and snorkel.  I work on the tan while Paul works on dinner (great arrangement I reckon).

We haven’t been to any of the Islands, except Lefkada in the North but do plan to visit a few off the coast here and around Athens.  We don’t have the time and it’s very expensive, so we might keep them for next visit.  One thing is for sure…we will be returning to Greece.

We’ve visited a few Ancient sites and monuments, but when the weather is this good and hot all you really want to do is enjoy the coast.  Some of the drives are just unbelievable and it’s wonderful to be in a European country that is not so over populated and cultivated.

Much to more report at a later time once we have visited Athens…..and are on our way to the snow.

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