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In typical Rose and Paul style we didn’t do any research on Sicily.  The only thing we knew is that the North was having a week of rain when we arrived so we decided to head south.  After exiting the ferry terminal, hitting heavy traffic, avoiding low hanging balconies and dodging a rider who had just come off his motorbike, we decided to ditch the scenic route and take the motorway south to the good weather.

Some pretty great spots along the coast

We found some pretty great spots along the coast to wild camp with the ocean right at our door step.  We’re didn’t think much of the cities in Sicily, but that might be a bit unfair as it was so hot and we just wanted to keep close to the water.  But Sicily certainly has some awesome smaller towns defiantly worth visiting in all weather.

Noto was my favorite; it’s a pretty baroque town and feels like you’re in a movie set. Agrigento has some ancient Greek temples which we visited at dusk which turned out to be a pretty awesome way to see them, as the colors of the stone change with the sunset and then the lighting affect they give the temples at night is wonderful.  Also, on a 40+c heat…it certainly beats walking around during the middle of the day.

The highlight of Sicily

The highlight of Sicily has got to be San Vito Lo Capo area for us.  We found this amazing wild camping spot and decided to stay for a week.  High season has finally hit us and we were joined by around 20 other campers after a few days.  Gone was the peace and quiet and out came the BBQ’s, wine, beer, late nights & lots of loud children.  It was great fun and we just love how Italians like to make friends with you by offering food and wine.

We’ve had some the best nights and conversations with locals over a bottle of Lemoncino….we don’t speak Italiano, they don’t speak Inglese…..that goodness for Google translate.

Another highlight for us was visiting Sicily’s 2 great active volcanos.  Etna is huge and the drive up is really exciting, it’s such a famous volcano and was high on our list of must see’s in Sicily.  As the road twists and turns through the old lava flows, the views are awesome and it’s real cool to know you are standing on an active volcano with so much history in our generation.  The views from the top are pretty amazing and gives a goof view of just how many little blow holes to this massive volcano there is and how it has shaped the landscape around it.  You can also ski up here in winter, which would be pretty cool.

We also did a day trip by boat and visited some of the islands off the Northern coast of Sicily.  The trip we did was to see Stromboli by night but it also included visiting the Island of Panrea.  I generally hate organized day trips as find they are badly run and overpriced, but I would have to say this was probably the best 35euro we spent.  Watching Stromboli exploding at night was an unbelievable experience.  It explodes 3-4 times every hour and we had a great view from our boat across the water.  We are now really keen to go back next year and to the climb to the crater and spend a few days exploring these Islands off the coast of Sicily a little more.

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