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On the day I was meant to collect my new Maltese passport, I received a call to advise it wasn’t ready and that my new passport could only be issued in my birth name and not my married name and that it would take another week to receive it from Malta.

So after the getting the royal run around from the Malta Embassy we deiced to high tail it and get a last minute ferry to England and hope I wouldn’t be denied entry.

We had so much to do, sell the motorbike, sell out bicycles, buy a car, get a MOT (compulsory annual roadworthy test – for all you Aussie’s out there), pick up some eBay purchases, service and new tyres for the Motorhome and perhaps a service on the new car.

As with most things we do, everything is last minute and badly planned and upon arrival into Dover I proceeded to tell a campsite we were on our way and to expect us in a few hours!

What is the Jubilee?  What do you mean double bank holiday??  What do you mean you don’t have any pitches available???  What do you mean everything is shut and everyone is on holidays????  But we have so much we need to do!!!!!   What a royal cock up!

All’s well that ends well; we found a space for 1 night and just didn’t move for 7 nights.  We made sure we were up and out early in the morning & back late at night so they couldn’t catch up with us.  None too happy with us they were!

So we ended up being in London, during one of the biggest events ever for the Royal Family and didn’t see any of it….how rude!

The highlight of our lightening visit back to UK was catching up with family (Paul’s cousins) Tony & Nicky and their adorable little boy Jacob.  It’s so good to have someone on this side of the world as it doesn’t make you feel so home sick.

The weather was crap in England, rained the entire time we were there and it was great to eventually leave, but also sad to say goodbye to Tony, Nicky & Jacob.

On our return to Europe, we picked up my Maltese passport and I can now advise that I am officially a Malteser!!  Yay – they can’t kick me out now, even if they catch up with me!!!

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