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Finally we made it……we have arrived!  Sun, beach, Sangria, Paella, tapas, bull fights, fiesta & siesta. aaaAHhhhhh, yessszzzz, Spain is exactly what we have been looking forward too and it hasn’t disappointed thus far.

As soon as ‘wher’dmadaygo’ was fixed, we hit the continent and b-lined to Spain to chase whatever sun we could before winter set’s in.   We’ve found an awesome caravan park called ‘Bonterra Park’ along the coast in the Spanish village – Benicassim.  It’s about 50kms north of Valencia and is so lovely.  It’s not too touristy, very Spanish and has a great beach around 200m from the site.  There’s Dutch and Germans everywhere in the campsite.  Thankfully so far all have been fully clothed at not too hairy!!!  The last thing I need to see wiener sniztel and J.W. Bush!!!

We’ve started to get into the ‘campsite life’ a bit.  Most of the time in UK and prior to here we have been on the move and only stayed 1 or 2 nights in any one place so haven’t been able to pull out the awning and set up!  But as soon as we arrived here we felt like we were instantly on holidays and knew we wouldn’t’ want to leave for a while, so booked ourselves in for a month.

It’s so funny,  the average age of guest’s is 75 and the most exciting thing that happens during the day on site is when they all meet around the communal ‘washing up area’ and discuss (gossip) about the day (or last nights) events in Dutch and or German, which we can’t understand!   Many look at us and kind of say hello, in that Dutch manner, but I feel that perhaps we are much younger they are a little scared to say too much more.

We’ve started naming the neighbours by whatever event or sound we can associate them with.  For example, the other day the internet was down in the whole area and the Dutch guy next to us was running down our little lane screaming ‘nine interneta, nine interneta’ and the guys opposite them always say ‘yah – yah’ so of cause they are called ‘nine interneta’ &  ‘yah yah vunderba’.

Today ‘nine interneta’ left to return to Nederland’s and slowly to sun drenched Dutch and Germans are leaving one by one to return to the cold and will probably be replaced with the English trying to  avoid the winter which might then mean it’s time for us to move on!

The village was in Fiesta when we arrived which was pretty cool.  Every night there was a party at the village square which generally included running of the bulls through the village streets, dancing in the street, fireworks, food, sangria, and a late night street party till 5am.  We gave it a go one night and stayed up till 4am but couldn’t do it anymore after that.  It was so funny at the campsite.  Half of the oldies where upset and couldn’t bear the noise anymore at night and the other half didn’t care and where telling the rest to get over it, it only happens once a year.

We met a lovely couple English couple from Southampton who are our age and who come every year for 6 months or more to Spain.  They have been doing this for 12 years or so and completely have the whole lifestyle in Spain down pat.  We really admire their lease on life and attitude towards things.

They do Spanish lesion and cooking classes here on the camp site, so I’m hoping to improve the Spanish and learn a few more recipes.

Here is a local Spanish dish I learnt the other day:  Its scrambled eggs in laylend terms, but tasted really yummy…give it a go!

OH and P.S…..I will also write it in the same style it was provided to me…so good luck & happy cooking!!

Ruvuelto Asturiano (scramble eggs Asturian style)

  • 2 big tomatoes
  • 4 or 6 eggs
  • 2 or 4 cheese slices
  • 300gm Parma ham
  • Powder onion
  • Black pepper
  • Provenza herbs
  • Olive oil

Step 1: Cut the tomatoes in little squares

Step 2: With a few of oil fry the Parma ham and cover all with Powder Onion, add a few of black pepper and mix with a big spoon.

Step 3: Add the cheese and stir until the cheese with be melted

Step 4: Add the tomatoes and stir

Step 5: Add the eggs and cover all with powder onion (again) add a few (again to) and Provenza herbs.

Step 6: Stir all together until the eggs will be curdled

Step 7: Serve in a beautiful dish

A few points to note:  don’t use fresh onion as it is too watery and don’t beat or blend eggs, just crack them into the pan and keep folding the mixture until scrambled (curdled).  If you use Parma ham you don’t need salt but if you use sweet ham, add a bit of salt.

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