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We’ve arrived in the Cotswolds after spending the past few weeks in Brighton, Salisbury then onto Devon & Cornwall.

Devon & Cornwall are great so many pretty little chocolate box villages along the coast clinging to the cliffs or down a little valley right on the water’s edge which seem like they can only be accessed by foot.

We have a few interesting moments on the small UK roads (well small lane’s which they consider roads) as our big 28″ motorhome whilst towing the motorbike don’t quite fit down.  We had to un-hitch a few times to take the trailer off.  In Devon we exited the caravan park the wrong way and ended up in a lane which was getting smaller and smaller by the meter.  We had to pull into a farmers drive and ask if we could open his 2 gates so we could take the trailer off,  do a 3 point (or more 5 point) turn and head back the right way.  I should have taken a photo so you could see, but I didn’t I was just sorry worried we were going to get stuck I forgot the camera.  Looking back on it now we laugh.

Devon and Cornwall have so many little hidden gems and we are really glad we have the motorbike to explore and get into the little villages that even cars struggle with.  Some of the highlights have been Weymouth, Dawlish, Dartmouth, Fowey, Marazion, St Ives, Tintagel.

Tintagel (King Arthur’s Castle) was great, we really enjoyed that and so glad it stopped raining for just a few hours we could walk around without tumbling over those cliffs…..however it did bucket down on our ride back to where we were staying but we didn’t let it stop us.  Some of the local’s probably thought we were crazy riding around in the rain but when you’re on a time frame you just have to make the most of it.

We’ve had a quite few nights ‘rough camping’ so to speak and 1 of those night might have landed us a nice parking fine.  We’ll wait and see but found out in the morning we were illegally parked as we were too long and had a trailer.  Doh!

We are slowing getting ourselves sorted with where everything goes in the motorhome and still trying to get use to the pack up and set up but we are getting into a bit of a routine now and hope to have to down pat in the next 1 or 2 stops.

The food is so nice in the country so much better than London and half the price.  We had Devonshire Tea for brekky the other day – oh with clotted cream.  Actually I lie, we had it a few times for brekky now!!  All the home made cakes, pasties, scones, pies, jam’s, chutney’s – so yummy.

For wine and champagne drinkers, we’ve managed to find a few nice local beers which we’ve been enjoying on a regular basis.  I tell ya, the pommy’s know how to make a good ale!  We don’t think much of the largers, but some of the brown ales are really good.  And we’ve even been drinking them warm.  Well, room temp as its never hot so they have been nice and cool.  Infact they taste better at this temp as they are specially brewed to be served this way.  We’ve tried to put a few in the fridge and they don’t taste as good, so have had to wait till they warm up a bit to enjoy them.

It’s been raining heaps and we are wondering when the summer will start.  The locals keep telling us we are in summer, but we think they are telling fibs and we don’t believe them.

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